A friend of mine recently shared a link to the blog of a front-end developer name Una (pronounced like unicorn), to show me that she has an actual emoji in her web address. I didn't even know that was possible! I started reading through her blog and found her 2016 Year in Review. I appreciate what she is doing with it, so I decided to do my own version and here it is!

For me, 2016 was full of change! I had just quit my steady job of four years and started a business with my friends. Here's how my first year as a business owner went!

Dev Things

I made 594 commits to Github in 2016. Here are a few of the projects I launched:

  • #FLVOTE: Code for Orlando project, Social Voting to Raise Awareness around State and Local Legislation
  • Hipster Thesaurus: Community driven thesaurus that helps you discover hip alternatives for most common or boring words.
  • ReQLPro:¬†RethinkDB GUI Client for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux
  • LadyDevs: Website of the Orlando Lady Developers Group


I went to 2 hackathons.

  • National Day of Civic Hacking Orlando, Tabs on Tallahassee
  • React Hack Night at Orlando Tech Week 2016

Speaking / Writing / Knowledge Sharing

This year I did more public speaking and teaching than ever! Here are the highlights:

I wrote 67 blogposts this year.

I gave 5 talks.

  • “Women Who Code” @ Orlando Tech Week
  • “A-frame Web VR” @ OrlandoJS
  • “A-frame Web VR” @ CodePen
  • “Tools & Tips for Coding Professionals” @ LadyDevs
  • “Product Development” @¬†Make Day2016

I lead two week-long Girls Who Code Clubs over the summer.

I started working with Skillcrush as their Javascript Instructor! <3

I launched the Orlando Lady Developers Meetup.

# Life Things ## Travel

I spent 65 days working remotely while traveling this year. I got my passport for the first time and traveled abroad twice!

  • 21 days roadtrip to Pheonox/Tuscon, Arizona
  • 30 days in Paris
  • 14 days in Thailand


I read/listened to around of 19¬†books. (I’ll try to keep better track this year.)

My Favorites were: